9 Simple ways to help your health and wellbeing

Discover the Power of

           Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

This website is an invitation to you to join Dr Samer and her team on the never ending journey towards LIVING WELL, even if you are sick.

You are not a victim of your disease - you have the power to change both your mindset and your body. Your journey can be enhanced here! Welcome!

WELLNESS ALCHEMY offers you the chance to discover many simple ways to improve your health and wellbeing. Based on the teaching of Dr Roger Walsh, a US Psychiatrist, we explore "Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes" or TLC's.

There are 8 that Dr Walsh speaks of but we have added an extra couple which we believe is also critical to wellness.

The 9 Therapeutic Lifestyles Changes are:

1. Exercise

2. Diet and Nutrition

3. Time in Nature

4. Relationships

5. Recreation

6. Relaxation and Stress Management

7. Religious and Spiritual

8. Contribution and Service

9. Love

10. FUN!

So join us as we explore each of the 9 TLC's and find your own path to improved health and wellness! You can do this by attending events, joining a group or receiving our newsletter – coming soon.

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Discover the Power

of Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes